Christmas gifts under $20

Christmas is the best time for gifts, festive mood and magical experiences. When you are thinking on how to make everyone happy with Christmas gifts, you must be worried about your budget.

To take that weight of your shoulders, we created a list of best Christmas gifts under $20.

Our Handmade Crystal Bracelets are definitely a great choice for budget friendly Christmas gifts. Beautiful, spiritual and meaningful Christmas gifts under $20 can level up style and embrace the energy of crystals.

Harmony Jewellery designed and handmade a wide selection of bracelets under $20. You can browse our 4 mm, 6 mm, 8, 10 mm, 12 mm, 13mm and 14 mm Crystal Bracelets for Christmas gift under $20.

Sacred Symbol Charms Bracelets, Minimalist bracelets, Maximalist Bracelets, Beaded Bracelets, Designer Bracelets, Bohemian Bracelets and more for Christmas gifts under $20.

Our wide selection of Handmade Crystal Bracelets is handcrafted locally a Port Coquitlam, BC. It can be a best Christmas gift idea under $20, specially when you receive high quality, low price and unique design.

Crystal Earrings can be a great Crystal gift under $20. We created unique handcrafted designs with various Crystals at very affordable prices.

If you a shopping for gifts handmade with love, Harmony Jewellery Crystal Earrings can be an excellent budget friendly Christmas gift under $20.

Crystal Earrings with Zirconia Stainless steel clasp, gold plated earrings and brass earrings can be an excellent Christmas gifts under $20.

If you are looking for meaningful gifts to bring good energy shop our Amulet for Christmas gifts under $20.

Amulets and Talismans can bring good luck, love, fortune, success, and great vibes. Giving Amulet Christmas gift you sending good energy to manifest blessings with your gift.

Amulet Christmas gifts under $20 is a great way to wish your loved ones to succeed and be happy.

When you are looking for beautiful and handcrafted Christmas gifts under $20, check out our Crystal Jewelry sets collection.

Crystal Jewelry Christmas gifts made with love and unique design can truly bring smiles, festive mood and appreciation.

When you are on budget, but still want to give a beautiful and unique gift, shop our Crystal Jewelry Christmas gifts under $20.

Harmony Jewellery wishes you a Blessed Christmas season and give and receive the best Christmas gifts under $20!

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