5D Healing Crystal Jewelry

As we enter to the new era, 3rd Dimensional energies no longer have power to control the citizens of our Planet. The energy in Earth shifted to higher frequencies, and old ideas, structures, systems are falling apart.

In 3d control, fear, jealousy, limitation, shortage were the main emotions to survive and move forward. Most of the people lived in stress mode, and choose the behaviors based on past experiences, limited beliefs, hard work, and little time to enjoy in a moment. In 3d average person has average limited potential to reach his goals, his mind prefers controlling, overthinking and analyzing every single step of his life, in this case there are no space for miracle.

5th Dimensional Realm is ruled by unconditional love, pure consciousness, higher frequencies, and limitless potential. 5th Dimension is about living a life, being in a moment, have the ability to open your heart to receive highest energies and connect to the Devine.

In 5th Dimension mind and body are working together to achieve your highest potential in this world . In 5d energies are energies ruled by harmony and love. Material and spiritual worlds co-exist in piece and harmony, and bring you the best life experiences with higher frequencies in Earth. You can be a creator of your life, the key word to enter to 5d is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, as simple as it is. Love can heal, save and protect.

Harmony Jewellery created a 5d Crystal Jewelry Collection to help you to transition to the new energies!

Crystals change their vibrations in our Planet, ruled by love and pure consciousness, they vibrate in higher frequencies and can be a healing and energy source you trust.

Our 5d Crystal Jewelry is handmade with 5 d in mind. We created unique designs with 5 beads sections, each section represent 5th detentions world. Every piece is handmade and charged with 5d energy of unconditional love in higher frequencies.

Our 5 d Crystal Jewelry collection is very unique and special! Perfect for meditation, spiritual practices/ ceremonies or every day wear. With 5d healing Crystal Jewelry you would be able to receive higher energies and connect to your spirit and achieve your highest potential.

Discover our 5d Crystal Bracelets, 5d Crystal Necklaces, 5d Crystal Jewellery sets, 5d Crystal Malas and 5d Meditation beads.

Harmony Jewellery wishes to enjoy living in 5d energies, stay conscious and enjoy living in a moment!

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