5 Powerful Crystals for Self-Love

If you are shopping for Healing Crystals for self-love, you probably done your research and know that unconditional Love starts with self-love! First, before giving your love to others you should start practicing self-love and feeling in yourself with loving energy.

At Harmony Jewellery we created a list of 5 best Crystals for Self-Love, which can bring you confidence, self-acceptance and self-believe. As a reminder, you are the most important person in your life, and it`s essential to charge yourself with self-empowering energy. Self-love is not selfishness; self-love is self-appreciation and supportive energy to reach your highest potential.

When you add Powerful Crystals for Self-Love to your spiritual practices, you enhance and purify energies by creating a field of self-love around you. The energy of Healing Crystals can teach your body and mind to be respectful, strong and support yourself.

You can buy all 5 powerful Crystals for Self-Love or choose one according to you intuition and inner feeling. Harmony Jewellery created a list of Crystals for Self-Love, which can be useful to use to empower yourself.


Rhodonite is a powerful crystal that cultivates self-love. It is a powerful stone to increase self-confidence, rise self-esteem and balances emotional body. Rhodonite is connected to heart Chakra, it helps to heal emotional wounds from the past.

You can practice self-love, when you wear Rhodonite Bracelet for “me” time, or Rhodonite Necklace for a dining out or special events, when you would need to feel confident and energetic.

Wear Rhodonite Jewelry for self-love meditation to feel the energy of confidence.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal to Universal Love, it purifies heart and bring love in all levels. When you work with Rose Quartz for self-love, you receive the energy of self-healing, compassion, peace, and emotional comfort.

Rose Quartz helps to build self-trust and encourage love vibes to yourself and others.

You can wear Rose Quartz Bracelet when you need to believe in yourself and open your heart to energy of love.

Wear Rose Quartz Necklace in the times when you need to increase your confidence, comfort your emotions, and feel peace and trust.

Meditation with Rose Quartz Crystals can promote unconditional self-love and self-acceptance.


Amazonite is a great crystal for self-love. It has soft soothing energy, which is excellent for nervous system to clear out negative and self-judgmental thoughts.

Amazonite helps to set boundaries and stand up for yourself. It can build rational thinking and compassion, which are crucial in building self-love.

Amazonite is connected to both Heart and Throat chakras, sending energies to both love and communication centers.

Amazonite Jewelry can increase your self-confidence and self-respect when communicating with others.


Citrine is a popular crystal to welcome positive vibes and energy of light. Citrine is an excellent crystal for self-love, connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra, it helps to promote self-confidence and bring “sunshine” in your life.

Energy of Citrine works like a magnet for abundance and positive manifestation. Citrine can bring healing energy of self-belief and remove thoughts of self-doubt.

Wear Citrine Jewelry in times when the positive energy and self-esteem is low. It can cheer you up and bring you self-confidence.


Amethyst is a great Crystal to practice self-love. It welcomes energy of ease, relaxation, and self-control. It helps to learn self-love in deep spiritual level, connecting to higher level of consciousness. Amethyst increases intuition, calmness, bring peace and helps to grow spiritually.

Amethyst is widely use for spiritual love and help to connect to your spirit, bringing new understanding of self-love and self-believe.

Wearing Amethyst Jewellery for self-love helps to achieve you highest potential and stay confident and self-supportive during your journey.

Harmony Jewellery wishes you to find your best powerful Crystal for self-love and enjoy seeing how your confidence level is growing every day!

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