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Explore our one-stop online shop for natural healing crystals and handmade jewellery at affordable prices! Our collection of necklaces, earrings, pendants, pendulums, jewelry sets, semi-precious stones and crystal made promote well-being, self-care, and harmony.

Healing Crystal bracelets for women, bracelets for men, bracelets for kids; healing Crystal necklaces in unisex styles; healing Crystal earrings and Ziconia Rhinestones earrings; healing Crystal amulets and sacred Talismans; healing Crystal rings; Healing Mala 108 meditation beads - treasures of Harmony Jewellery are waiting to be discovered. Shop thousands of handmade designs or request your custom-made Crystal Jewellery…

Why shopping at Harmony Jewellery?

  • Own custom-made Crystal Jewellery.
    Request customized, personalized design and order one-of-a-kind Crystal Jewellery at the best price. Harmony Jewellery delighted to make unique custom jewellery for you!
  • Enjoy Handmade Crystal Jewellery.
    Trendy minimalists, Bohemian, classy, handcrafted semi-precious stones jewellery for any choice, budget, and occasion. Harmony Jewellery designs handmade Crystal Jewellery with love, care and good energy.
  • Manifest your intension.
    Healing Crystals for Love, Bracelets for Success, Bracelets for Depression, Healing Crystals for Happiness. Receive blessings from Universe and achieve your goals when you include Crystal jewellery to your spiritual routine.
  • Start or expend your Crystal collection.
    Crystal points, towers, polished crystals, Crystal pyramids, tumble stones, palm stone etc. Harmony Jewellery prepared ethically sourced collection of essential Crystals at affordable price.
  • Be unique and spiritual.
    Connect your energy, spirit, and body to the “Creator” mind. Harmony Jewellery believes you have inner power to achieve your highest potential, all you need is daily commitment and self-believe to stay focused and grounded.

Why Harmony Jewellery is the best place for Crystal Jewellery?

  • Expertise in Handmade Crystal Jewellery.
    Harmony Jewellery guarantees you receive the highest quality, best price, and exclusive design. We create our own styles and expend our jewellery collection every day.
  • Personalized customer service.
    Harmony Jewellery wants to hear about your Crystal Dream Jewellery and make it real. You can request your custom-made design and connect with us via Instagram, Facebook, email, chat..
  • Low prices.
    Harmony Jewellery believes that Crystal jewellery must be affordable, and every woman/ man should be able to enjoy it without spending a fortune.
  • Family owned.
    It is all started 15 years ago in Ukraine as a family business, launched in 2020 by a daughter Valeria in Canada and united a whole family in 2022. With a mission of living in Harmony, using European quality and style, Harmony Jewellery promotes good energy, beauty, and spirituality as best values of our life.
  • Secure Shopping.
    You can shop at with confidence. We partnered with PayPal to offer safe and secure payment methods via your PayPal account or using credit/ debit card. The company adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing, PayPal does not share your payment information with us.

Harmony Jewellery wishes you to enjoy beauty and energy of our Crystal Jewellery, charge yourself with its healing energy, live in Harmony, receive blessings from Universe and manifest your intentions. Remember, you are the main creator of your life, make it the masterpiece and achieve your true highest potential!